MICCAI 2014 Workshop on Deep Brain Stimulation Methodological Challenges - 2nd edition
14 Sep 2014 Boston (United States)




8 h 00                 Welcome - Organizers


8 h 30                 “Imaging for DBS”

         Chairmen: Pierre Jannin, Eric Bardinet

  8 h 30       Distortion estimation of cerebral vascular structures in susceptibility weighted image based on CT angiography

Seyoun Park, Jongseong Chang, and Yong Soo Kim

  8 h 50       Construction of Average STN Atlas using Image Registration and Reconstruction

Kanglin Chen, Stefan Heldmann, Jan Rühaak and Marc Hallmann

  9 h 10       Nonlocal patch-based segmentation of midbrain nuclei from multiecho FLASH MRI

Yiming Xiao, Vladimir Fonov, Silvain Beriault, Abbas Sadikot, G. Bruce Pike, and D. Louis Collins


9 h 30                  Invited talk

“DBS in a nutshell: from imaging we came and to imaging we shall return”

Marwan Hariz, MD, PhD


10 h 15       Coffee break


10 h 30       “Anatomo-functional atlases for DBS”

         Chairmen: Léo Joskowicz, Reuben Shamir

  10 h 30     Multi-contrast unbiased non-linear brain atlas of Parkinson’s disease patients

Halleh Ghaderi, Yiming Xiao, Abbas F. Sadikot, D. Louis Collins and G. Bruce Pike

  10 h 50     Construction of statistical anatomo-clinical maps on medial pallidal stimulation in Parkinson’s disease

Claire Haegelen, Florent Lalys, Yulong Zhao, Sophie Drapier, Pierre Jannin , and Xavier Morandi

  11 h 10     Automatic Pre-operative Planning of DBS Electrodes Placement using Anatomo-Clinical Atlases

Olga Dergachyova, Yulong Zhao, Claire Haegelen, Pierre Jannin, and Caroline Essert


11 h 30       General discussion I


12 h 00       Lunch


13 h 00       Invited talk

"Patient-Specific Anatomical Model for DBS Surgery"

Noam Harel, PhD


13 h 45       “Machine learning & non-rigid registration for DBS”

         Chairmen: Louis Collins, Stéphane Cotin

  13 h 45     Improving selection of Parkinson’s disease patients for deep brain stimulation through prediction of motor outcomes

Trygve Dolber, Reuben R. Shamir, Angela M. Noecker, Anneke M. Frankemölle, Benjamin L. Walter, Cameron C. McIntyre

  14 h 05     Iconic-Geometric Nonlinear Registration of a Basal Ganglia Atlas for Deep Brain Stimulation Planning

Ana B. Graciano Fouquier, Stanley Durrleman, Jerome Yelnik, Sara Fernandez Vidal, and Eric Bardinet

  14 h 25     Intra-operative Registration for Deep Brain Stimulation Procedures based on a Full Physics Head Model

Alexandre Bilger, Eric Bardinet, Sara Fernandez Vidal, Christian Duriez, Pierre Jannin, and Stephane Cotin


14 h 45       Coffe break


15 h 00       “What challenges to come from industrial innovations ?”

                  Chairmen: Christopher Butson, Claire Haegelen

Participants: AlphaOmega, Boston Scientific, FHC, FxNeuroMod, Medtronic


16 h 00       General discussion II


17 h 00       Closing remarks - Organizers

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